United Nations
CEDAW Committee
UN Commissions & Global Meetings 
Domestic Policy: UN Intrusion 
Family, Children, and Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC)  
Human Life & Cloning
Human Rights & Universal Declaration of Human Rights  
Human Rights Council (HRC) & Universal Periodic Review (UPR)  
International Criminal Court 
Law of the Sea Treaty 
Sexual Orientation vs. Religious Liberty, Marriage, Family, Human Rights 
UN Funding, Budgets, & Expenditures  
UN Peacekeeping 
UN Treaty Monitoring Body Abuses & Arbitrary Pressure on Nations  
  • See CEDAW (above) 
International Diplomacy & Public Policy Center
United Nations General Assembly, NYC
CEDAW State Parties meeting, UN-NYC
Commission on Human Rights, Geneva
Focus on the Family UN Briefing, NYC
International Diplomacy & Public Policy Center     TJacobson@IDPPCenter.com     1-719-651-3366

Commission on Social Development: 
US & Holy See delegation members
Nan Kennelly (US DOS) 
Jeanne Head (NRTL) 
Peter Smith (SPUC) 
Allison Hollabaugh (US DOS) 
Thomas Jacobson (FOTF) 
Lucas Swanepoel (Holy See Mission) 
[United Nations, New York] 
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