Wisdom from Good Leaders
Wisdom quotes mostly from Heads of State during the first century of the United States, whose character was eminently noble - a rare quality in leaders today. 
I.  Character, Adversity, Integrity, Humility, Leadership
II.  Liberty, Religion, Rights, Property, Government 
III.  Constitutional Government, Military, Foreign Affairs  
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International Policy
Human Life, Abortion, Cloning 
Family, Marriage, Children, Sexual Issues 
Human Rights:  Universal Declaration Human Rights 
Inherent Freedoms at Risk 
  • Domestic Policy & the UN
  • Sovereignty 
  • Nations Support the Family 
  • UN Pressure on Abortion
  • UN Pressure on Stereotypes
  • UN Pressure on Prostitution 
  • UN Pressure on Quotas 
  • UN World Summit 2005 
United States
  • USA Funding of UN
  • USA Portion of UN Dues
  • USA & UN Peacekeeping 
  • USA Review by UN Human Rights Council 
  • Senate Treaty Process 
  • UN Treaties & Committees
  • Int'l Criminal Court  
United Nations

  • CEDAW Committee
  • Convention on Rights of Child 
  • Domestic Policy & UN 
  • Family & Children 
  • Human Life & Cloning 
  • Human Rights & UDHR 
  • Human Rights Council 
  • International Criminal Court 
  • Law of the Sea Treaty 
  • Sexual Orientation vs Inherent Human Rights 
  • UN Funding & Budgets 
  • UN Peacekeeping 
  • UN Arbitrary Treaty Bodies  
Photo Gallery 

Diplomatic Meetings - Focus on the Family UN Briefings - International Meetings  
United Nations Meetings - NGOs & Leaders - US Officials & Diplomats 
United Nations Offices in Geneva, Switzerland (entrance) 
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“They seem unable to unite in any principle, and to have no confidence in one another.  
Thus it is, when truth and virtue are lost.”  
– Ambassador John Adams, Paris, letter to Thomas Jefferson, 29 June 1780